Every year we hold an Applicants Weekend for guys to check out the house and meet the current members during Spring Term.
If you would like to know when that is, please contact our recruiter at:

You may not have to live in the dorms!

Avoid paying exuberant prices on Housing and Food.

Oregon State has instituted a “First Year Experience” live-on requirement. A list of exempt ZIP codes and towns within a 30-mile radius can be seen here.  If your address is within this area, you are not required to move into the dorms and can ‘opt-out.’  If you are interested in this option, email our recruiter with any questions you may have at

Freshman year is the formative time for establishing belief systems and habits that will last a life time. Oregon State understands this and that is why they want Freshmen to live on campus where they will be integrated into a “campus” way of life. Unfortunately, the dorms bring with them more than just academia, they are often a strong attack on the Freshman’s moral compass.

How to Apply for Religious Exemption

What you can do to live at Antioch:

1) Apply for religious exemption first! Contact University House and Dining Services about your intent to live at Antioch for religious reasons.

2) Dual Enrollment. This is the best way to get an exemption. You must take classes at Linn-Benton Community college and OSU, but you will receive an exemption to live at Antioch.   Also, classes at LBCC are much cheaper and a very common way to go about earning your degree **See note below

3) Contact us about our potential “Live-Out” program. We offer a program for Freshmen living on campus to be involved at Antioch and secure a place in the house for their Sophomore year. Contact our recruiter with your interest at

First Year Membership Program

If you decide to still live in the dorms, our First Year Membership program offers freshmen the opportunity to be involved in a Christian community.

Benefits include:

  • Eat FREE dinner every Monday night as part of our Monday Night Meetings.
  • Exclusive Meal Plan all-you-can-eat buffet style lunch, dinner, and leftovers. 2-4x cheaper than the OSU meal plan options at our family lunches and dinners Monday through Friday.*
  • You join a small-group composed of other Antioch guys focused on building closer community and spiritual growth. You will also be paired with a Sister small group from our sister house at the House of Charis.
  • Member discounts on our retreats and events throughout the year.
  • Invitation to our exclusive Shasta retreat over Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Free Antioch shirt and opportunity to buy discounted shirts, sweaters, tanks, and other Antioch merchandise.
  • You receive priority on rooms for the following school year.

If you are interested, email our recruiter at with your name and your best joke!

*Meal Plan is optional and not required to purchase.

Note **Linn-Benton Community College: Despite the stigma that often surrounds community college many of our students find their community college classes to be even better than the comparable 400 person lectures at Oregon State. If you are concerned about community college as an option please call us for a testimonial!

We are saddened that OSU has taken such an uncompromising stance regarding their policy and the wishes of Christian students to live off campus but don’t let this deter you from choosing to live in a Christian living environment during your Freshman year!