Avoid the Dorms!

You can live at Antioch your Freshman year!

The Dean of Student Life at Oregon State University has stated that freshmen students that wish to live at Antioch be dual-enrolled with the OSU Degree Partnership Program at Linn-Benton Community College.
This means that at least 50% of your credits are taken at LBCC either online, at the Benton Center in Corvallis, or at LBCC in Albany.
Freshmen find dual-enrollment favorable for multiple reasons such as:

  1. Smaller class size for individualized teaching
  2. Significant cost savings per credit hour
  3. OSU Academic Counselors recommend dual-enrollment and will help coordinate credits required for your major.
30 miles from osu?

Congratulations!  If you’re within 30-miles of the Oregon State University campus, you are not required to live in the dorms.  More information and additional exemptions can be found at the FYE Website.


OSU Students that have been out of high school for one year may live at Antioch House without dual-enrollment

Religious Exemption

The FYE policy has a religious exemption clause. You will need to apply through Oregon State University UHDS (University Housing & Dining Services). You will need to send them an email requesting a religious exemption due to your moral and religious convictions. Your comments SHOULD NOT include your intended place of residence so it is clear to UHDS that it is purely for religious reasons and not specific to living at Antioch.
First Year students must still apply with UHDS office online and then petition for the “Religious Exemption.” Contact our recruiter if you need help with the steps or if you encounter any problems. If UHDS declines your religious petition you may need to contact ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice) who is aware of the situation and has defended students rights in the past. You can contact our recruiter via email at: Recruiter@antiochosu.com

Are the dorms so bad?

Many residents who had lived in the dorms have claimed that their experience was less-than-ideal and in some ways threatened their spiritual growth. Despite UHDS regulations and efforts, the dorms are a common place for drinking and sexual activity culture that many individuals find detrimental to Christian beliefs and well-being. However, some individuals found living in the dorms to be a good time of growth and getting out of their comfort zone.  This should only be seriously considered if you are confident in your beliefs and well-being as freshman year is a very formative year that can define the rest of your time at college.

In the dorms but want to be involved at Antioch?

Our First Year Membership program is designed to offer men the community and spiritual support they desire while still living in the dorms at Oregon State University

Benefits include:

  • Eat FREE dinner every Monday night as part of our Monday Night Meetings, a time we all come together, address community events, worship, and hear a message or do an activity.
  • Exclusive Meal Plan all-you-can-eat buffet style lunch, dinner, and leftovers. 2-4x cheaper than the OSU meal plan options at our family lunches and dinners Monday through Friday.
  • You join a small-group composed of other Antioch guys focused on building closer community and spiritual growth. You will also be paired with a Sister small group from our sister house at the House of Charis.
  • Member discounts on our retreats and events throughout the year.
  • Invitation to our exclusive Shasta retreat over Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Priority consideration for housing for next year

If interested, fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!