Frequently Asked Questions about Antioch.

How many people live at Antioch?
Our housing situation allows us to house approximately 55 men.
How many roommates does each resident have?
Depending on the room, they can expect to have one or two other roommates.  Examples of our two and three-man rooms can be seen here.
Is it mandatory for residents to attend a church in the area?
Although not explicitly required, it is heavily encouraged to be involved in a church in town.  You spend the majority of your time at college and God has brought you to Corvallis for a reason.  Guys will keep each other accountable to encourage church attendance.
Are there weekly house meetings that residents are required to attend?
There are mandatory Monday Night Meetings every week from 5:30-7:30pm.
They are also required to meet with their small group once a week.
Are residents required to do chores?
Each new Antioch resident will have two “workjobs” per week plus one term clean which usually happens the weekend before finals week each term.  Each resident will have a hard workjob, lasting 1 to 2 hours and an easy workjob that typically takes around 30 or 40 minutes.
How does the house handle food allergies or special dietary needs?
Our cook is great about accommodating specific dietary needs.  If this is an area that you need to have addressed please let our recruiter know.  Our cook has accommodated in the past for severe food allergies to lactose intolerance and gluten-free diets.
What are the rules about alcohol, tobacco, drugs, Marijuana, and weapons on the Antioch House property?
Absolutely none of these are to be possessed by Antioch residents or their guests on the house property at any time.  Legal consumption and use of these items is allowed outside of the house in appropriate settings.  Marijuana use is prohibited by residents and guests.  Questions can be directed to our Recruiter or President.
Are there “quiet hours”?
During the week of finals, quiet hours apply all day.  No loud music or excessive noise is to be made in rooms or the halls.
Between the hours of 11pm and 11am are also quite hours mainly allotted to respect people who are going to bed and late-night studying
Are there any time restrictions for female visitors?
Women are not allowed in these areas during these times:
Main Floor Living & Dining Rooms: 6am-2am
1st floor rooms, Basement rooms, 2nd and 3rd floors:
-Weekdays 11am-11pm
-Weekends 11am-12am
What furniture is provided by the house?
-Closets are built into the rooms and some rooms have extra auxiliary storage. It is important to collaborate with roommates on the storage situation as every room is different.
-Non-returning residents will donate couches, desks, and chairs when they move out. They are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
-Bed. We have one giant sleeping porch that has double and triple bunks and a smaller sleeping porch for light-sleepers.  These beds are twin extra long.  Be sure to specifically buy sheets to fit twin extra long mattresses because normal twin sheets will not fit.  Accommodations for those with sleep apnea and similar sleeping disorders can be made.
Is there room for me to bring extra furniture?
As each room differs in size, it is suggested to start out the year with the basics and add extra furniture as needed.  Contact your roommates once the recruiter sends out the roommate assignments.
Is Internet provided by the house?
Yes, state-of-the-art Mesh Network and wired capabilities.
Are there any items that members cannot have in their rooms?
-Extension cords (surge-protected power strips are okay)
-Burning candles (candle warmers are allowed)
-Lava Lamps
-Controlled Substances (Ask Recruiter about specifics)
Are there any electronic items (i.e. lamps, clocks, etc.) provided by the house?
Residents will need to furnish their own additional lighting sources, stereos, computers, etc.
Is there stereo, television, DVD, and/or exercise equipment at the house?
We a very spacious and comfortable living room with a Wi-Fi capable Smart-TV and sound system.
Residents are encouraged to bring exercise equipment to be stored in their rooms.
Are friends and family allowed to stay overnight at the house? Are there places for them to sleep?
Yes, male friends and family are welcome to spend the night at Antioch for a short time.  There are no designated sleeping areas for guests but accommodations can be made by finding an open bed.
Are pets allowed?
Typically fish are the only pets allowed in the house.  However, if you have a dog, especially a service dog, discuss that with our recruiter.  Pets are allowed to visit but not stay for long periods of time unless cleared with our President or Vice President.
Are there washers and dryers available for use?
The laundry room is located in the basement.  Members sign-up for three-hour time slots to use the facilities (two washers, two dryers, one ironing board).
Where do I keep my showering toiletries?
Guys store their toiletries in various places in their rooms.  It is recommended that you bring a plastic shower caddy (with holes in the sides and bottoms so that water can drain out) to keep your toiletries in.
Are there any places where I can store my personal food?
Currently, no.  Due to the size of our house and the number of guests at meals, we use all of our freezer and refrigerator space. Guys can have mini-fridges in their rooms, however.