House Update 3/17/13

Friends of Antioch,

2012-2013 has been a year of fresh beginnings and interesting battles. We have an excellent crew of new guys this year who have brightened the house with quite a variety of personality and talent. Meanwhile the older members of the house have been growing as leaders and students. It’s been a year of much potential, and we’re all looking forward to Spring term!

In contrast with our excellent start to the year has been the ongoing drama of the community with OSU’s First Year Experience program, which will require all OSU true Freshman to live on campus. While we have been fighting hard through letters, correspondence, and participating in meetings with the university and the ASOSU it looks like OSU will be plowing ahead with this venture.

This might mean a lot of interesting changes for Antioch and other area Co-ops. It is not all bad though and we are looking forward to the new opportunities God will have in store for us with the Freshman on campus. Though we may not be allowed to have OSU Freshman in the house without personal exemption status from the university we will continue to pursue Freshman interested in the house and in pursuing Christ at OSU. Keep us, OSU, and the coming Freshman in your prayers this year as we figure out how to tackle this obstacle with the university.

On some more positive notes, things continue smoothly with Antioch’s day to day runnings. The guys have set up a trampoline in the back yard in preparation for sunny spring weather, and the house is looking immaculate  after our recent term clean. Also our cook this year Kathy has been an amazing addition and all of the guys praise her cooking. We are happy and healthy going into Spring break and look forward to the blessings God has for us next term. Pray for health and safety for our residents as they attend to Spring break plans and travels, and pray for us and future Antiochers as we are taking applications for 2013-2014. Thanks to everyone, Alumni, Parents, and friends. God Bless.

AJ Finch
House Pastor